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Would You Open This File?

The screen shot below is purportedly an image of the actual email used to launch the zero day attack against RSA, thereby compromising their SecurID algorithm, allowing the bad guys to get into US defense contractors.

screenshot of RSA email

The full story of how the file was eventually found within RSA’s email and malware repository can be viewed here.

Would you open the attachment? Those of us in the security and controls world would probably have picked up on the poor grammar, the unexpected nature and title of the attachment and figured out that this was some kind of attempted compromise and just deleted the email.  Others would likely have assumed that the email was intended for someone else and opened it out of curiosity, thereby giving the bad guys a way in.

I’m putting it out here because it drives home the point that when combating these kinds of attacks, the only real hope you have is the vigilance and knowledge of your own employees in being able to recognize the bogus emails and attachments.  That can only be effective if you spend the time and the money required to train your employees and train them often.

It takes a certain level of cynicism and suspicion to recognize these kinds of attacks.  Many people just don’t have enough of those two qualities and as a result, will open every email and every attachment sent to them.  The bad guys keep doing it because it works.

The author of the full article raises an interesting question: “Why does Excel support embedded Flash?”  Are there really that many Excel users that thought embedded Flash was a “must have” feature?  Was there anyone from the security team in the meeting where they decided it was a good idea?  What could possibly go wrong?  It’s just Flash?

Hopefully the malware providers are already working on an option to identify Excel spreadsheets with embedded Flash and issue a stern warning or prevent infection.   In the meantime, we have to rely on good old fashioned training to try and combat the compromise of our company systems.



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